At first there was darkness.

Then came the crystal bang.

Out of the cosmic dust, the Crystalverse was born!

Powered by a mystical crystal core, this glittering galaxy is home to the Crystalcorns.

Journey deep into their world as you customise and collect them all.

Use dazzling crystals to create amazing new styles

– just stick, sparkle and play!

With secrets and sparkle around every corner, join this shimmering squad as they protect the crystal core and create a world where everybody gets to shine.

Meet the Crystalcorns


'Go, go, Crystalcorns!'

Sit still and chill? No way! Apollo is always ready for action. Bold, brave and a born leader, they bring their glittering get-up-and-go energy to ever corner of the Crystalverse.

Strengths: Adventure – Bravery – Loyalty

Lives: Topaz Tower

Sparkly Secret: The pillars around Apollo’s home are made of mystical crystals that act as a beacon for the Crystalverse. When trouble is afoot, they cast a dazzling glow to bring everyone together.


‘More dazzle, less drama!’

Big on style, big on sparkle! KiKi is a fab fashionista with a love for all things glam. By growing their own jewels to use in their must-have designs, this Crystalcorn’s creations are truly one-of-a-kind.

Strengths: Fashion – Friendship - Creativity

Lives: KiKi’s Sparkle Station

Sparkly Secret: Runway ready? By night, KiKi’s Sparkle Station turns into a galactic runway, where all the Crystalcorns are invited to strut their stuff!


‘Sparkle from within!’

Dream big! Radiating peace and positivity, Starlana is totally at one with the universe. Calm, cool and collected, this mystical dreamer loves searching the stars for the secrets of their world.

Strengths: Mindfulness – Dreams - Hope

Lives: The Isle of Mystic Clouds

Sparkly Secret: Starlana loves to meditate. When they are fully at peace, they have the power to look deep into the future. So, if something is wrong in the Crystalverse, they are always the first to know!

Crystalverse Classic Kit - KiKi
Crystalverse Classic Kit - Starlana
Crystalverse Deluxe Kit - KiKi, Starlana and Apollo
Crystalverse Classic Kit - Apollo
Crystalverse Mini Kit - Apollo
Crystalverse Mini Kit - KiKi
Crystalverse Mini Kit - Starlana


How to Customise
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Collector's Posters
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Activity Sheet
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Your Crystalcorn comes with sparkly crystals in a range of colours, but it’s up to you where you apply them. Go freestyle and dream up your own dazzling look! 

Start by dotting glue onto the section you want to cover. Work on small areas at a time or your glue will dry up,

Press your applicator onto the shiny side of the crystal to pick it up. Now place it onto the glued area.

That’s it! Stick, sparkle and repeat to cover your character with crystals.

Remember to let the sparkle set! After customising, wait at least 24 hours for the glue to dry before playing with your Crystalcorn.

You can reattach fallen crystals with a small amount of glue. Apply in a thin layer to avoid any build-up.

When crystallising your character, you only need to use small amounts of glue. But if you do run out, you can purchase non-toxic clear-drying PVA glue from your nearest craft store.

Once you’ve customised your Crystalcorn, keep any extra crystals safe. Store them in their original bags or small craft containers. You may be able to use them on other Crystalverse characters in the future.

  • Do customise your Crystalcorn on a covered flat surface to avoid any mess.
  • Do wait for the glue to fully dry before playing with your Crystalcorn.
  • Do pour your crystals into the handy tray when crafting to avoid losing any.

  • Don't get your Crystalcorns wet as the jewels may become loose and fall off.
  • Don't use too much glue on your Crystalcorn. A small dot goes a long way!
  • Don't forget to tidy away your glue and crystals when you are finished, so you're ready to sparkle another day!