Our Sustainable Goals

At Curious Universe we care about sustainability and our impact on the world. We are committed to be more sustainably aware as a company, employer and community member whilst continuing to excite children, adults, and our retailers with innovative and inspiring products.

We are a curious bunch, so we’ve created unique sustainability workstreams where we continually challenge ourselves to be better and make sure we are achieving our goals. Everyone is encouraged to get involved in whichever area gets them fired up.

We are committed to increase the amount of FCS-certified and recycled paper used in our products. With the target of using 100% FSC by 2024.

We are committed to reducing unnecessary packaging and resizing our products to reduce our carbon footprint during production.

We are committed to working with ethical suppliers to ensure they contribute positively to the lives of their employees, local communities and the environment.

We are committed to supporting our chosen charities through our Corporate Volunteering scheme, fundraising activities or providing for those in need within our community.

We are committed to being an inclusive workplace that embraces and supports diversity, equity and inclusion in our recruitment practices and company culture as well as creating products that are suitable for our wonderfully diverse customers.

We are committed to calculating and reducing our carbon footprint, improving recycling opportunities and reducing our waste.